Train Spotting at Duke of York School

East African Railways 29 Class 2902 Bukusu
Tribal Class 2902 Bukusu passes the Glade on a Nairobi-bound goods train - PHOTO Paul Tanner Tremaine
East African Railways - Duke of York School
Unidentified up mixed traffic train in the deep cutting by Speke and Lugard Houses - PHOTO PaulTanner Tremaine
EAR&H 31 Class 3139 Pokomo
Failed Tribal Class 3139 Pokomo attracts attention after apparently running out of water  - PHOTO Paul Tanner Tremaine
Failed 90 Class diesel loco, Duke of York School, Nairobi
Failed English Electric 90 Class diesel in the cutting by Speke and Lugard Houses  - PHOTO Paul Tanner Tremaine
Trains at Duke of York School, Nairobi
Schoolboys get an unauthorised cab visit as the 90 awaits rescue  - PHOTO Paul Tanner Tremaine
EAR&H 90 Class Diesel 9005 Boys gather on the embankment to examine look at the failed goods train - note the pupil with the hockey stick. - PHOTO Paul Tanner Tremaine

The hockey pitches were by the railway overbridge that crossed the school drive

The trains which literally passed through the school grounds did not attract all that much attention from most of the boys but there were a few enthusiasts and any enthusiast would have been delighted to be in Speke or Lugard which were right next to the line.

Train Number 3 Up - all stations, 2nd and 3rd Class to Kampala could be observed daily from the Junior Houses Dining Hall where tea and buttered brown bread was dispensed from a window during morning break.

The most impressive motive power was undoubtedly the 59 Class Garratts which could often be heard after lights out as they pounded up the grade with a heavy freight for Nakuru - the limit of 59 Class operations west of Nairobi.

Train Number 2 Down -the  Mail Train from Kampala - passed through the school just after 17:00 on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays.

Unfortunately my camera was not up to taking moving shots and i never got the opportunity to take photographs like these rare and superb photos from Paul

I am grateful to Paul for allowing me to show his pictures - you can see all of Paul's Duke of York School pictures at
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