Duke of York School

Nairobi Kenya

House and Team photographs

Mitchell House 1958 to 1963

Mitchell House 1958

Mitchell House 1959

Mitchell House 1960 - PHOTO J O'Neil Pearson

Mitchell House 1961

1960 Under Fourteen-and-a-half Hockey Team - Official School Photo from Norman Reader via Malcolm Hassal

Mitchell House 1962

Mitchell House 1963

Mitchell House photos via Malcolm McCrow

Thomson House 1959

Thomson House 1958 - note the Thomson's Gazelle mascot

Thomson House Rugger Team 1959

Back Row: Ken Greathead, Mike Vaughan Ryall, ?, ?, Pere Cook, ?

Middle Row: Guy Hallowes, Dave Chester, Lance Abel, Colin Brookes, Pete Nield

Front Row: Nick Abel, John Foster, Darcy Ruysenaars,  ..?... Tunmer

Thomson House photos - Duke of York School, via Dave Chester (T)

Eliot House 1963-64

First 15 Rugger Team 1963

Elliot House 1964

Eliot House, Athletics Winners - 1964
Eliot House and Team photos via Alan C More (E)
Kirk House 1964-68

Kirk House 1964

Kirk House 1965

Kirk House 1966

Kirk House 1967

Kirk House 1968

Kirk House Rugger 1966

Kirk House Soccer 1966

Kirk House Rugger 1967

Kirk House Rugger 1968

Kirk House photos - Duke of York School, via Glen Smith and Peter Caton

Football Team: Junior Colts 1963
Photo via Brian Gill (K)

Duke of York School