Kenya Railways

Diesel locomotives

Trevor Heath, Graham Roberts and Iain Mulligan

Then and now - contrasting diesel and steam scenes thirty years apart.  A new 93 Class, possibly 9317,  and a 29 Class steam engine at Nairobi Steam Shed (left) PHOTO - Kevin Patience. 

  In 2005, double headed freight for Uganda passes the preserved and recently out-shopped  former EAR&H 30 Class 3020 Nyaturu (right) PHOTO - Trevor Heath

71 Class 7105  at Nairobi (left) - PHOTO - Trevor Heath - contrasts with 72 Class 7204 (right) at a typical wayside station where traders hawks their wares along the train.  PHOTO - Graham Roberts

Kenya Railways now has a much more North American image as portrayed by 92 Class 9214  backing on to its train at Nairobi (left) and by 93 Class 9306  heading a west bound freight towards Nakuru (right)PHOTOs - Graham Roberts

93 Class 9392 and a 92 Class lead a fright train from Eldoret and Nakuru into Nairobi yard (left).  A pair of 62 Class diesels at Nairobi's old steam shed with its water crane now devoid of its hose (right) PHOTOs - Graham Roberts.
Abandoned 87 Class 1-C0-C0-1 8701, formerly a 90 Class when introduced in 1960.  The Pioneering 79 Class - 7901, Explorer in the Nairobi Railway Museum - PHOTOs Trevor Heath

   A 71 Class attacks the gradient in 1992 (right)  PHOTO - Kenya Railways.  Back in 1992 a pair of 62 Class  head a freight train reminiscent of BR Freghtliner livery of the the mid 60s (right) PHOTO - Kenya Railways

93 Class locomotives at the head of container trains - 9323 heads a container train  through a Highland station (left) and 9326 (right) PHOTOs - Kenya Railways

93s at work on passenger trains near Nairobi  PHOTOs - Kenya Railways

7204 with its rake of Swedish coaches and brake van at Naro Moru  PHOTO Iain Mulligan

A more detailed description of many of the diesels featured here appears on Trevor Heath's Kenya Diesels 

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