East African Railways and Harbours

Nairobi to Nanyuki

Train Number 57 Up at Thika where it called with its 2nd and 3rd Class stock on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. After its two hour run from Nairobi, where it had left at 0925, it continued on to Nanyuki where it was due after dark at 1915. PHOTO Iain Mulligan

Tribal Class 3109 Bahororo takes water at Thika.  PHOTO Iain Mulligan

Train 58 Down Nanyuki to Nairobi in typical Highlands scenery near Kalimoni. Although numbered for a mixed passenger/freight the consist is entirely of passenger stock at this stage.  PHOTO Iain Mulligan

 Approaching Thika Train 58 Down Nanyuki to Nairobi headed by Tribal Class 31 locomotive. The passenger cars are 1950s vintage 3rd Class, at least one of which would have been designated "Wanewake - Women Only".  PHOTO Iain Mulligan

 Train 565 Up with Tribal 3131 Kenyi in charge approaching Thika on 24 July 1962.  PHOTO Iain Mulligan

Arriving Thika with Train 565 Up Kenyi takes water before continuing on its journey.  PHOTO Iain Mulligan

A Class 31 was permanently stabled at Segana to double head freights over the 3.5% grade to Nanyuki.  PHOTO Iain Mulligan

Class 31 (Tribal) 3121 Basoga at Kiganjo, the station for Nyeri - PHOTO Ron Bullock

 East African Railways and Harbours