East African Railways and Harbours - Uganda
The Western Extension and Other Locations
Very rare Photos from James Lang Brown
Aerial view of the 1.18% (1 in 84 approx) spiral which was cut round a hill between the Mpanga and Dura Rivers - PHOTO Brian Kingston
Rare photo of black wood burning 22 Class.  From 1954 four of these wood burning locos (2220-2223) were used on the construction of the Uganda Western Extension between Kampala and Kasese - PHOTO James Lang Brown
The construction train shown above;  the vehicle behind the loco is an auxiliary water tank - PHOTO James Lang Brown
Recently laid track at Kamwenge, 172 miles from Kampala and the second last station before Kasese at Mile 208.  Dura River at Mile 190 was the last station before Kasese.   PHOTO James Lang Brown
Proof that at least some of the EB1s ran in black and were duly converted to oil burners is shown here as a 22 and 24 Class haul empty ballast wagons along the extension - PHOTO James Lang Brown
The EB3s - later to become EAR's 24 Class - arrived between 1923 and 1930.  Here 2435 hauls a caboose through typical scenery west of Kampala - PHOTO James Lang Brown
There were three spirals on the Kenya Uganda sections - between Mombasa and Nairobi;  between Nakuru and Eldoret and between Kampala and Kasese - PHOTO James Lang Brown
60 Class later named Sir Percy Girouard at the head of a mixed class (i.e. 2nd and 3rd Classes) train - but where is it?  PHOTO James Lang Brown
Apparently a 55 Class taken in 1963 and possibly approaching Limuru Tunnel -  PHOTO James Lang Brown
No doubts about this one!   PHOTO James Lang Brown
English Electric 90 Class at Nakuru at the head of No 2 Down (Kampala to Nairobi and Mombasa)  - PHOTO James Lang Brown
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