Hill School,  Eldoret 2007
J P Hudson Collection

2007.  A group of girls congregate round the flagstaff and Water Tower - PHOTO J P Hudson
What was in the 1950s the Junior Tuition Block accessed along this drive from the Kisumu Road - PHOTO J P Hudson
On the opposite side of the drive mentioned above is/was the Senior Tuition Block - June Parker took Standard 7a in the classroom to the left of the entrance while Mrs Loder took Standard 7b in the classroom to the right.  Perhaps surprisingly, both primary and secondary education in Kenya at the time reflected the Scottish Education system as regards administration, although the teaching of Latin and French in Standards 6 and 7 was more in keeping with English [private] prep schools.  The secondary leaving examinations were entirely English - cf Cambridge Overseas School Certificate and GCE - PHOTO J P Hudson
Arthur Brindley's office was to the left of the main entrance while Mrs Gibbs ran the school office to the left.  Before a length of railway line was acquired a hand bell was used to signal the start and end of classes .  The piece of rail was hung behind the electrical substation across from the Water Tower and seniors considered it a privilege to be asked to ring the "bell" by beating it with an iron bar kept for the purpose - PHOTO J P Hudson
 Now Block 2, but what was in the 50s Block 6 (Senior Boys).  Peter Dowson and his wife Pam occupied the flat at the end of the Block.  The playing fields are to the right.  Compulsory football occurred every day from 1615 until 1730 - PHOTO J P Hudson
The kitchen in which Mrs Diago produced her unappreciated porridge.  The accommodation block behind would have been Block 5 where "Larry" Lamb was housemaster in 1955 through 1957 - PHOTO J P Hudson
Scots lady Mrs Ried, from Aberdeen, was matron on the top floor and former Highlands School matron Mrs Engles looked after the ground floor in 1956.  Sometimes, kind Mr Deiper (1956) would allow boys who did not like games, to load the kuni down the hatch for the boiler which heated the bath water.  No boy was let off games when football fanatic Jane Barbour was around!  PHOTO J P Hudson
Heading from the sanatorium towards what would have been Block 1 which was completed late 1956.  It was here in Blocks 1 and 2 where the most junior pupils lived and many had teddy bears on their bed - PHOTO J P Hudson
The same location near the sanatorium - PHOTO J P Hudson
The sanatorium up on the school boundary by the Kisumu Road - PHOTO J P Hudson
Next to the sanatorium to the left were tennis courts where Miss Carter (1956-7) coached a number of boys seeking refuge from Mrs Barbour's football!  - PHOTO J P Hudson

Hill School Eldoret