Owen Falls Dam in 2003 (above) with the Rail Bridge carrying the line to Kampala in the background;  a Jinja dwelling house in the mid 20th Century - PHOTOs Olliver Keeble
Maribou storks on Jinja Golf Course (above);  Jinja Pier in 2003 - PHOTOs Oliver Keeble

Jinja's Main Street in 2003 - PHOTOs Oliver Keeble

 Jinja in 2003 - Main Street,(above);  Hindu temple (right) - PHOTOs Oliver Keeble

Jinja Bridge (left) over the White Nile at Jinja (photo taken from Jinja side of River) prior to the construction of Owen Falls Dam. Note the roadway which was removed after the Dam was completed. Ripon Falls (right) PHOTOs - Ian Hamilton Post Card Collection

The construction of the Owen Falls Dam (above), which when completed, submerged the Ripon Falls.  The dam provided hydro electric power to both Uganda and Western Kenya. PHOTOs Ian Hamilton Post Card Collection (left)  Malcolm McCrow (right)

Owen Falls Dam around 1960 - PHOTO John Garside

The Kampala to Jinja road across Owen Falls Dam - PHOTO John Garside

Jinja PWD (Public Works Department) Yard - PHOTO John Garside

Jinja Pier (left) and the Ripon Falls Hotel (right) - PHOTOs Daphne Seager

Bujagali Falls (near Jinja) taken as sunset approaches.  PHOTO - Hugh Edwards

Bugali Falls in 2003 - Oliver Keeble


Mbira on the Kampala to Jinja Road - PHOTO HMSO