Royal Visits and Traditions

1956 Informal Royal Visits

The following photographs supplied by Peter Davanzo show Princess Margaret and Prince Philip on separate and less than formal visits to Entebbe.

In 1956 Princess Margaret visited East Africa and this photograph shows her leaving Argonaut G-ALHD and being greeted by the Governor, Sir Andrew Cohen - PHOTO Peter Davanzo
Princess Margaret leaving for Government House accompanied by Sir Andrew Cohen.  Note the Bristol Britannia which was on hot and high altitude test flights out of Entebbe in 1956  - PHOTO Peter Davanzo

The same Argonaut - G-ALHD, with Prince Philip leaving the aircraft with the Governor's car waiting to take him and the Governor to Government House - PHOTO Peter Davanzo

1956 and Prince Philip greeting Athletes of the Uganda Olympic Team before leaving for Government HouseNote the Avro York far left of picture - PHOTO Peter Davanzo
1959 - Visit of the Queen Mother
1959 and a de Havilland Heron arrives with the Queen Mother, possibly from Eldoret to where she had travelled on the East African Railways' Royal Train - PHOTOs Daphne Seager

A steward from the Airport Restaurant joins the memsahibs - PHOTOs Daphne Seager

Preliminary Inspection of soldiers from the Kings African Rifles based in Jinja before the Queen Mother's Royal Inspection - PHOTOs Daphne Seager

The Royal Salute, Present Arms . . .

. . .before the Queen Mother proceeds to inspect the troops - PHOTOs Daphne Seager

After the Royal Inspection the Queen Mother is escorted by the Governor, Sir Frederick Crawford - PHOTOs Daphne Seager

A girl presented a bouquet of flowers to the Queen Mother who was then accompanied by the governor to Government (now State) House PHOTOs Daphne Seager

Queen's Birthday Parade

Entebbe celebrates the Queen's Birthday on the Lakeside lawns, specifically the cricket ground - PHOTOs Daphne Seager.  Note the fez worn with dress uniform by Uganda Police which replaced the everyday blue plastic helmets.  This photo would seem to have been taken before 1962 when the smart long sleeved police jacket worn by constables was replaced with a short sleeved version.  The personnel behind the spectators in the above photograph are from the Kings African Rifles, later the Uganda Rifles, based in Jinja.

Judging by the uniforms, these pictures seem to have been taken at the same parade and the lengthening shadows set the time sometime after 1800 - PHOTOs (left) Daphne Seager, (right) John Garside  The British army personnel had probably been flown in from Nairobi as no British troops were stationed in Uganda.  Bases in Kenya were at Gilgil and Kahawa, Nairobi.

The Governor is driven off while the band plays on - PHOTOs Daphne Seager