Uganda,  Eastern Province


Mount Elgon Hotel, Tororo - PHOTO Daphne Seager


Rock of Tororo - PHOTO John Garside


Uganda Cement Works, Tororo (far left) - PHOTO John Garside The Rock of Tororo (left).  Soroti also boasted its rock. PHOTO Malcolm McCrow

Terinyi Ferry

Despite the GB Plate, "UFX" was a Uganda registration.  Kenya and Uganda number plates followed the British pattern, except that it was the last letter, as opposed to the first, that changed on reaching 999.  Kenya registrations started with "K" and Uganda registrations with "U".  Although a vehicle's initial registration letter identified the country of registration, four national identification plates were also in use - EAK, EAU, EAT and the rarely seen EAZ.  - PHOTO John Garside