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Rotorua Attractions  
Visitors are welcomed to the Tamaki Maori Village, Rotorua and demonstrations include a reciting of the haka - PHOTOs Malcolm McCrow
After wandering around the various demonstrations, visitors are treated to an excellent buffet meal - PHOTOs Malcolm McCrow
The Agrodome where many different breeds of sheep are led in individually to take up their places on the stage - PHOTOs Malcolm McCrow
The sheep tend to sit quietly - but the Cheviot resented the Romney eating from its dish - a series of head buts took place and the Cheviot won - PHOTOs Malcolm McCrow
There is of course the inevitable sheep shearing demonstration - PHOTOs Malcolm McCrow
Five lambs are then brought in and children are invited on to the stage to pet and feed them - PHOTOs Malcolm McCrow
With the Merino taking pride of place, the indoor part of the show ends with two Huntaway sheepdogs standing on the back of the sheep - PHOTOs Malcolm McCrow
The outdoor part of the show - a Huntaway working the sheep into the pen - PHOTOs Malcolm McCrow
Rainbow Springs Kiwi Wildlife Park outside Rotorua where Rainbow trout can be seen in the christel clear water - PHOTOs Malcolm McCrow
The spring flows through the park allowing the ducks and the fish to swim freely.  Special windows allow underwater viewing - PHOTOs Malcolm McCrow
Swans and parrots. The parrot is in a walk-through aviary - PHOTOs Malcolm McCrow
Giant ferns and two well camouflaged tuatara - lizard-like reptiles unique to New Zealand - PHOTOs Malcolm McCrow
No trains at Otorohanga - New Zealand's Kiwiana town - PHOTOs Malcolm McCrow
Kiwiana (i.e. virtually anything originating or unique to New Zealand) ranges from Buzzy Bee - a child's pull along toy - to Marmite, kiwis, pavlova and Sir Edmund Hillary.  Many Kiwiana items are displayed in the Ed Hillary Walkway which leads from the restored railway station to the District Library - PHOTOs Malcolm McCrow
Search for Kiwiana in the town - including Pavlova and Kiwi at Kiwiana Crafts - PHOTOs Malcolm McCrow
Otorohanga's main thoroughfare - Maniapoto Street - PHOTOs Malcolm McCrow
Otorohanga is also famous for the Glowworm Caves where visitors take to a boat to view the light from the myriad of glowworms which hang from the ceiling and resemble the Milky Way - PHOTOs Malcolm McCrow
Unusual dwellings between Otorohanga and Huntly - a boat with no nearby water, and a Bristol Superfreighter with no nearby runway - PHOTOs Malcolm McCrow
Still no trains at the entrance to a large quarry (left);  Huntly Power Station (right) which is New Zealand's largest thermal power station - PHOTOs Malcolm McCrow

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