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Gore to Te Anau  
Mac Truck waits at level crossing in Gore for Kiwi Rail freight train headed by DXC locomotive 5379 to pass - PHOTOs Malcolm McCrow
Sergeant Dan on the side of the former Fleming's Creamota Oats plant which ceased producing porridge in 2001 - PHOTOs Malcolm McCrow
The statue of the sheep by the level crossing is a tribute to sheep farming in New Zealand - PHOTOs Malcolm McCrow
A right hand drive Mack truck laden with timber on the road to the Moth Restaurant with the Aviations Heritage Museum next door - PHOTOs Malcolm McCrow
The grass runway is used by general aviation as well as the various Moths which are restored in a hangar to which the public has access - PHOTOs Malcolm McCrow
Adjacent to the hangar is a small museum with several airworthy Tiger Moths among its exhibits - PHOTOs Malcolm McCrow
Lake Te Anau is the largest town in Fiordland and is situated on the lake of the same name - PHOTOs Malcolm McCrow
Statues in Te Aanu:  The New Zealand explorer and tour guide, Quintin McPherson McKinnon, (18511892) (left). A large statue of the endangered takahe bird (right) - PHOTOs Malcolm McCrow
Pausing at Eglington Valley View Point The road to Milford Sound runs through Fiordland National Park - PHOTOs Malcolm McCrow
The Mirror Lakes are accessed by a boardwalk from the main road - PHOTOs Malcolm McCrow
Unfortunately the rain and the ducks ensures reflections were not at their best - PHOTOs Malcolm McCrow
Mirror Lakes is made up of many small tarns which are miniature lakes  (left) and Knobs Flat in Fiordland National Park - PHOTOs Malcolm McCrow
The Chasm is also a short boardwalk from the road - PHOTOs Malcolm McCrow
Returning to the car park a ringed New Zealand parrot seemed to be expecting visitors and almost appeared tame - PHOTOs Malcolm McCrow
The road to Milford Sound is a dead end necessitating a return to Te Anau.  Traffic passes through the Homer Tunnel in convoy and traffic is controlled by lights at both ends of the tunnel - PHOTOs Malcolm McCrow
The Tunnel opened in 1954 and is three quarters of a mile long - PHOTOs Malcolm McCrow
Entering the tunnel's western portal (left) and exiting the eastern portal (right).  The weather can be treacherous and the road may be closed at short notice - PHOTOs Malcolm McCrow
A spectacular waterfall by the roadside (left);  Lake Te Anau on the return to Te Anau (right) - PHOTOs Malcolm McCrow

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