The Royal Yacht, HMY BRITANNIA

The Royal Yacht was built in Glasgow at John Brown's Yard and is now berthed at Leith Ocean Terminal, Edinburgh

Royal Yacht Carpet

Carpet aboard HMY BRITANNIA (left);  model of BRITANNIA in Glasgow Transport Museum - PHOTOs Malcolm McCrow

Royal Yacht Bell

Royal Yacht Binnacle
School kids admire the ship's bell and the binnacle from the former Royal Yacht, HMY VICTORIA AND ALBERT - PHOTOs Malcolm McCrow
RMY Britannia boats
The entrance to BRITANNIA is from a permanent structure directly onto the ship's bridge.  The MV JURA, a Scottish Government fishery protection vessel (left) and BRITANNIA's funnel and boats viewed from the port bridge wing (right) - PHOTOs Malcolm McCrow
MV AS ASTURIA Leith Docks from Britannia Chancelot Mill Leith Docks
A container ship MV AS ASTURIA  and grain silos of Chancelot Mill at Leith Docks, viewed from BRITANNIA's bridge - PHOTOs Malcolm McCrow
RMY BRITANNIA bridge RMY Britannia passageway
BRITANNIA's bridge (above) is typical of any British warship of the 1950s with standard RN equipment and instrumentation.  Below decks (right) and away from the royal apartments and state rooms the scene is also familiar - PHOTOs Malcolm McCrow
RMY Britannia Commander's cabin Commander's cabin RMY BRITANNIA
Again the furniture and decor of officers' cabins is identical to that found on any British warship of the period - PHOTOs Malcolm McCrow
RMY BRITANNIA Admiral's suite RMY BRITANNIA Admiral's bathroom
The Admiral's suite and bathroom - even the brush is standard issue - PHOTOs Malcolm McCrow
Admiral's dining room RMY BRITANNIA RMY BRITANNIA Admiral's dining room
The Admiral's Dining Room (left) and the Officers' Dining Room with its typical table and chairs (right) - PHOTOs Malcolm McCrow
RMY BRITANNIA wardroom Wardroom RMY Britannia
The wardroom - PHOTOs Malcolm McCrow
Passageway RMY Britannia RMY BRITANNIA pantry
Passageway (left) and pantry (right) - PHOTOs Malcolm McCrow
State Dining Room RMY BRITANNIA RMY Britannia State Dining Room
State Dining Room - PHOTOs Malcolm McCrow
RMY Britannia drawing room drawing room RMY Britannia
The Drawing Room  - PHOTOs Malcolm McCrow
Queens Bedroom Royal Yacht Prince Philip's Bedroom Royal Yacht
The Queen's Bedroom (left);  The Duke of Edinburgh's Bedroom (right) - PHOTOs Malcolm McCrow
Royal Yacht ship's laundry  

The ship's laundry (left) with a variety of both Royal Navy and Royal Marines uniforms.  All ratings wore the Royal Yacht insignia (below) above their branch badge. 

PHOTOs Malcolm McCrow


Royal Yacht clock

RMY Britannia engineroom
Time on the Royal Yacht stands still with clocks in the various apartments stopped at different times (left).  The engine room is well maintained and the copper and brass works still gleam (right).  While it is accepted that the royal apartments are the main attraction for most visitors it is perhaps a little disappointing that none of the junior ratings' messdecks are available to view.