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South African Air Force Museum  
Avro Shackleton Mk 3 at the Cape Town site of the South African Air Museum. The earlier photograph (left) shows the aircraft with the SAAF Springbok roundel, while in the later photograph (right) the aircraft displays the SAAF castle insignia - PHOTOs Steve McLean
Shackleton 1722 over Table Bay on 24 August 1993 and at Stellenbosch on 18 March, 2003 - PHOTOs Steve McLean

Thunder City

2018:  Thunder City is now closed down and the future of the airframes is currently uncertain.  It had offered civilians a unique opportunity to fly in fast jets which bore South African civil registrations.
Gate Guardian, Gloster Javelin at Thunder City in December 2005 (left).  English Electric ZU-BEW at Cape Town International Airport in September 2006 (right) - PHOTOs Steve McLean
Hawker Hunters,  ZU-AUJ at AFB Ysterplaat in December 2005 (left) and ZU-ATH at Cape Town International Airport (right) - PHOTOs Steve McLean
November 2007:  South African Test Flight and Development Centre:  Blackburn Buccaneer ZU-NIP taxiing (left) and landing (right)  - PHOTOs Steve McLean
September 2006:  Blackburn Buccaneer ZU-AVI Ysterplaat - PHOTO Steve McLean Lightning formation - ZU-BBD ZU-BEX ZU-BEY Ysterplaat - PHOTO Steve McLean
Ysterplaat, September 2006 - Lightning Formation (left) and two years later the yellow Hunter leads a Lightning and a Buccaneer (right) - PHOTOs Steve McLean

English Electric Lightning ZU-BEX landing at TFDC in November 2007 (left)  Aérospatiale SA 330 Puma ZU-PUM (right) at AFB Ysterplaat- PHOTO Steve McLean

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