Boston and Beyond  
Amtrak Acela Express at Boston South Amtrak Acela Express at Boston South
Amtrak Acela Express arrives Boston South Station from New York and Washington DC - PHOTOs Malcolm McCrow
Boston Streetcar on elevated track
End of the Line where multiple streetcar units operate on elevated track - VIDEO CAPTUREs Malcolm McCrow
Boston Strteetcar running underground
Green Line twin unit operating underground in the city centre - VIDEO CAPTUREs Malcolm McCrow
Boston Streetcar at street level
Red Line underground tracks (left);  streetcar operating at street level (right) - VIDEO CAPTUREs Malcolm McCrow
Street level station - VIDEO CAPTUREs Malcolm McCrow
Boston metro train (Blue Line)
Streetcar multiple unit at a Green Line underground station (left);  the Blue Line is a proper metro system (right) - VIDEO CAPTUREs Malcolm McCrow
Massachusetts Institute of Technology Massachusetts Institute of Technology
A Blue Line train will take you across the Charles River to Cambridge.  Massachusetts Institute of Technology - PHOTOs Malcolm McCrow
John Hancock Building, Boston
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (left);  John Hancock Building viewed from Cambridge  (right) - PHOTOs Malcolm McCrow
Boston Trolleybus (Silver Line) Boston Trolleybus (Silver Line)
The newest line in the Silver Line which is operated by dual-powered trolleys which operate underground from the overhead, but use diesel engines when operating through the streets to Boston Airport.  Trolleys entering and leaving the underground section - VIDEO CAPTUREs Malcolm McCrow
Boston Bluebird school bus Boston Bluebird school bus
Flat fronted yellow school bus at Boston Aquarium  - PHOTOs Malcolm McCrow
Single and double deck commuter trains arriving Boston South Station (left);  F40 push-pull unit propels its train into the platform at Boston South Station on a Saturday afternoon - VIDEO CAPTUREs Malcolm McCrow
Cab car and baggage unit - Downeaster
Outside Boston North Station (left);  The Downeaster Boston to Portland at Boston North Station (right).  A converted F40PH is used as a baggage car and as a driving unit when the train is propelled back from Portland - PHOTOs Malcolm McCrow
F40PH and P42 at Boston GP40M of the MBTA
Amtrak P42 heading the Downeaster and an MBTA F40PH (left);  GP40M paralleling the Downeaster on departure from Boston (right) - PHOTO and VIDEO CAPTURE Malcolm McCrow
Merrimack River Haverhill
Arriving across the Merrimack River at Haverhill on a very wet Sunday run up to Portland, Maine - VIDEO CAPTUREs Malcolm McCrow
Departing Haverhill.  There is not much to see between Boston and Portland as the train progresses through heavily wooded countryside.  It was tempting to leave the train at Haverhill which looked interesting - VIDEO CAPTUREs Malcolm McCrow
Nearing Portland the train calls at Old Orchard Beach - VIDEO CAPTUREs Malcolm McCrow
Portland, Maine Portland, Maine
The train station is not near the town centre and with limited time before the return journey to Boston there was just time to take a quick taxi ride around some of the town  - PHOTOs Malcolm McCrow
The Downeaster about to depart Portland - "All aboard" - PHOTOs Malcolm McCrow