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Nearly all the photographs which appeared in the original EAR&H pages have been increased in size and resolution and the pages rearranged to reflect railway journeys, motive power depots, marine services and Kenya and Uganda Railways today. 

Railway Journeys Motive Power Marine Services Kenya and Uganda Railways
Main Line Steam Sheds and Depots Inland and Port of Mombasa Kenya
Mombasa to Kampala - Geoff Pollard Nairobi - 1950s Lakes Services Kenya Railways Preserved Steam
Kampala to Nairobi Nairobi 1962 and 1975 EAR Safari 1947 Kenya Railways Diesels
Nairobi to Mombasa Mombasa and Voi  Port of Mombasa Nairobi to Nanyuki, 2004
Train Spotting at Duke of York School   Death of a Fleet         
    Lake Victoria & Lake Albert in the 21st Century  
Kenya Branches   Lake Steamers    
Nairobi to Kisumu and Butere      
Nairobi to Nanyuki   Mbulamuti for Namasagali  
Gilgil to Thomson Falls     Uganda
Voi to Moshi   Uganda Railways

Timetables and System Map as at October 1962

Uganda Branches Mombasa Nairobi

Map - Mombasa-Kampala

Kenya Uganda Railways & Harbours
Western Extension and Other Lines Nairobi Eldoret Map Kasese Nairobi KUR&H archive photographs
Uganda Western Extension   Eldoret Kampala    
Construction of Jinja Bridge (1926)   Kampala Kasese Station Codes

Tony Craddock's Collection of

EAR Staff Magazines


  Kisumu to Kisumu (Marine Service) Specimen Fares
Tanganyika Main Line    
EAR&H Tanganyika      

East Africa 50 years ago