Entebbe Airport 3

An unusual visitor to Entebbe, even after Independence - a Pan American DC-8. The telephoto lens has picked up State (formerly Government) House on the hill in the middle of the picture.   PHOTO - Daphne Seager

By 1964 - when this photograph was taken - British United had replaced its Britannias with Vickers VC10s . . .

. . . and by the mid 1960s . . .

. . . all three major airlines - BOAC, BUA and East African Airways . . .

. . .were operating VC10s through Entebbe.  PHOTOs Daphne Seager

BUA VC10 in front of the old passenger terminal at Entebbe - PHOTO Daphne Seager

Another VC10 facing in the opposite direction to the one above.  Note that the new airport construction had not yet started. PHOTO Daphne Seager

With all three airlines now operating VC10s through Entebbe, East African Airways used its aging Comet 4s to replace the Argonaut on the principal inter-city routes between Nairobi, Mombasa, Dar-es-Salaam and Entebbe - PHOTO Daphne Seager

BOAC Argonaut at Entebbe - the inward flight from London, BA 161, arrived in the morning and flew on to Nairobi Eastleigh.  The aircraft then returned from Nairobi as flight BA 162 in the afternoon around 1600.  After about an hour it would depart for Khartoum, Benghazi, Rome and London - PHOTO Daphne Seager.

Trek Charter Constellation at Entebbe in the mid 1950.  PHOTO Daphne Seager

Entebbe Airport