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An aerial view taken in 1957 - junior Blocks 1 and 2 (centre right) have been completed, but the swimming pool has not yet been built behind girls' Blocks 3 and 4.  As ever, the Water tower dominates the scene.  The sanatorium is top centre and the class gardens are to the right of the senior tuition block in the centre of the photograph.  Behind the electrical control house was a piece of railway line hung on a bracket to act as the school bell.  On the long drive out between the tuition blocks, an outdoor screen was erected one Saturday evening in the Easter term of 1957 for a showing of the Dam Busters film.  Arthur Brindley took cricket on the pitch in front of the sanatorium and Miss Cartwright did tennis coaching on the courts by the trees.  The trees along the Kisumu Road marked the boundary - there was no fence.  The headmaster's house is just visible at the extreme top left of the picture. - PHOTO Brett Langevad

Hill School Eldoret Kenya

Hill School Eldoret Block 5

Girls' Block 4 (left) and Boys' Block 5 (right).  The flagpole was erected in 1956 and - to the consternation of some of the Afrikaaner pupils - the British Union flag was flown from it.  On Saturday and Sundays pupils were turned out on to the games field or to sit on the green benches as shown here.  - PHOTOs Brett Langevad

Hill School Eldoret Block 6

Hill School Eldoret Block 6 in 2004

Block 6 as it was observed by Dave Lichtenstein in 2004. - PHOTOs Dave Lichtenstein

Hill School Eldoret Boxing Match

Hill School Eldoret model aeroplane flying

Boxing matches were held between Hill School and a school in Kitale.  One weekend in 1956 we were all sent to watch a match there and many Afrikaaner parents found themselves pressed into taking very reluctant British pupils, mainly from Uganda.  I was well fed on homemade cakes and pancakes by a very kind Afrikaaner family who took me with them - much to the chagrin of their son!  In 1957 Block 6 was done up and while the Common Room was being painted in typical PWD buff we were unusually allowed out the back of the house before supper.  Model aeroplane and kite construction were popular passtimes and Mrs Reid - the kindly matron for Upstairs Block 6 - would return from a shopping expedition in Eldoret with the necessary supplies. - PHOTOs Brett Langevad

End of Term, Hill School Eldoret Kenya

End of Term, Hill School Eldoret Kenya

Block 5 (left) and Block 6 (right) at the end of term - note the parents' cars.  Uganda children had to wait until around 2200 when they were ferried in relays to the Railway Station.  There was always great excitement and speculation as to who would be lucky enough to get the first class coach.  In the run up to end of term "propellers" were carved with sheath knives which many boys wore on their scout belts (although no one was a boy scout, despite Chief Scout Baden Powell's being buried at nearby Kitale). - PHOTOs Brett Langevad

End of Term, Hill School Eldoret Kenya

End of Term - the beds have been stripped. House slippers had to be worn at all times to protect the heavily polished parquet floors.  Every morning pupils lines up at the foot of their beds, hands held up while matron carried out her inspection of fingernails. - PHOTO Brett Langevad

roller skating at Hill School Eldoret Kenya

Staff houses were built down the drive between the junior tuition block and the playing fields in 1956. -  PHOTO Brett Langevad

Hill School hockey

Brothers practise hockey on the playing fields - the sanatorium and junior tuition block are in the background. - PHOTO Brett Langevad

Morris Oxford in part of the line-up of parents' cars at the end of term, December 1955.  - PHOTO (left) Brett Langevad   Fifty years later Dave Lichtenstein and his wife on the steps of the sanatorium. - PHOTO (right) Dave Lichtenstein

Hill School Eldoret 2004

Hill School Eldoret previous head teachers 2004

Junior Tuition Block with school office on the left and the head teacher's study on the right.  The board shows an incomplete list of former head teachers including Arthur Brindley and the formidable Jane Barbour.  Jane took no nonsense and was a skilled football referee - heaven help you if she didn't think you were trying!  She would arrive in a blue Standard Vanguard with her black Scottie dog.  - PHOTOs   Dave Lichtenstein

Hill School Eldoret 2004

Hill School Eldoret 2004

The senior quadrangle as it was in 2004.  - PHOTOs Dave Lichtenstein

Gwen Bristo's Great Trek

Gwen Bristow's Great Trek mural still survives - PHOTO Dave Lichtenstein 2004

Gwen Bristo's Mad Hatter's Tea Party

As does her Mad Hatter's Tea Party painted in 1956. - PHOTO Dave Lichtenstein 2004

Hill School Eldoret Staff photo 1960

Hill School Staff May 1960 commencing with the Back Row

left to right Joyce Purdy, Brenda Sentance, Mrs Denoon, Mrs L. Wood, Pam Poppleton, Laura Steenkamp, Mrs de Jager, Mrs Prior. Dorothy Gibbs, ? with Jan Dowson and Helen McAdam peeping through

Third Row: Trevor Watson, ?, Gwen Bristow, Moyna Faulkner, Irene Small, ?, Meg Doyle, ?, ?, Elsie Gillson

Second Row: Jean Kennet, Rosetta Tuckman, Joan Robinson, Moira Finch ?, Joyce Loring, ?, Miss Grant, Sue Davies, Margaret Troughton

Front Row: Linde Biddell, Alec Purdy, Mrs Jenkins, Harry Sentance, Arthur Brindley, June Parker, Jane Barbour, Peter Dowson, Mary Nichols
(Kindly provided to Dave Lichtenstein by Miss June Parker)

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