Entebbe 1959 to 2005

Entrance to Government [now State] House in 1959 (left) and (right)  State House as it is today - PHOTOs Malcolm McCrow (above),  Oliver Keeble (right)

Entebbe celebrates the Queen's Birthday on the Lakeside lawns, specifically the cricket ground - PHOTOs Daphne Seager.  Note the fez worn with dress uniform by Uganda Police which replaced the everyday blue plastic helmets.  This photo would seem to have been taken before 1962 when the smart long sleeved police jacket worn by constables was replaced with a short sleeved version.  The personnel behind the spectators in the above photograph are from the Kings African Rifles, later the Uganda Rifles, based in Jinja.

Judging by the uniforms, these pictures seem to have been taken at the same parade and the lengthening shadows set the time sometime after 1800 - PHOTOs (left) Daphne Seager, (right) John Garside  The British army personnel had probably been flown in from Nairobi as no British troops were stationed in Uganda.  Bases in Kenya were at Gilgil and Kahawa, Nairobi.

The Governor's arrival and the Band's (later) departure - PHOTOs Daphne Seager   It is interesting to note that when the governor went "up country" a US Pontiac was used as it gave a more comfortable ride on un-surfaced roads.

Entebbe's Lakeside lawns (left) and the view towards the by now derelict Lido from the Swimming Club - PHOTOs John Garside

There was, for a time in the late 50s, a lido on the Lake shore, but it was not popular and did not last long.  The Entebbe swimming pool (left) was however very popular.  PHOTOs (left) John Garside, (right) Daphne Seager

In the early 60s the lake level had risen dramatically causing flooding around the Lakeshore - PHOTOs John Garside

Entebbe Pier before the flooding - RMS VICTORIA arriving and departing - PHOTO Malcolm McCrow  My cheap camera produced less than sharp images, but it is perhaps worth including this photo to show how much the Lake had risen in little more than 12 months.

RMS VICTORIA departing Entebbe for Bukoba - PHOTO Malcolm McCrow

Viewed from the Lawns and Gardens, Entebbe Pier - 40 years apart. The Lawns and Gardens overlooking Lake Victoria 1960.  Entebbe Pier today -  The Lakeside lawns (right) PHOTOs Malcolm McCrow (left)  Oliver Keeble (right).

The Lake Victoria Hotel was usually referred to simply as the Lake Vic. 

Official Hotel photo showing Annex (far left of picture)  PHOTOs - Malcolm McCrow


Then (above) - 1960s, PHOTO John Garside;  now (below), PHOTO Richard Edwards

The Lake Vic in 2004 (above and right) - PHOTOs Oliver Keeble

By August 2005 the hotel has been re-named the Windsor Lake Hotel.  PHOTOs - above - Richard Edwards

The Steam Ship Usoga at Entebbe - EAR&H Magazine December 1956

Entebbe Pier in the late 1950s - PHOTOs Daphne Seager 

Fishing canoe at Entebbe (left)  Ceremonial Gun in today's Entebbe (right) PHOTOs Malcolm McCrow (left)  Oliver Keeble (right) 

1959, and it's back to school in a DC3 (left)  PHOTO Jane McCrow.  Entebbe was dominated by the international airport designed in the early 1950s to accommodate the world's first jet passenger service operated between London and Johannesburg.  A quiet sleepy airport throughout the 50s, it was in to gain a degree of notoriety in 1976 with the raid on Entebbe to rescue the passengers of an Air France Airbus which had been hijacked to Uganda.  The aircraft, a Convair 440 of Scandanavian Airlines System (SAS) was on a United Nations charter flight - PHOTOs (left) Jane McCrow, (right) Malcolm McCrow

East African Airways Comet 4's morning arrival from London.  Passengers on the starboard side were left in no doubt as to where they had just landed - PHOTO Malcolm McCrow  See also Entebbe Airport

Entebbe Primary School (left) PHOTO Daphne Seager and (right) Independence decorations in 1962  which appeared in proliferation all over the country in the run up to Independence which occurred on 9 October 1962.  These particular examples were at Entebbe - PHOTO John Garside

Entebbe Secretariat (left) - PHOTO John Garside  Ministry of Agriculture in Entebbe (right) - January 2006 PHOTO Richard Edwards

A typical house in Entebbe - this one is at Number 17 Bugonga Road (left).  Entebbe Pumping Station (right) - maintained by PWD, later Ministry of Works - PHOTOs John Garside