The familiar Kampala-Masaka road Equator sign in the late 1950s: head north to Kampala and south to Masaka. PHOTO - Howard Cox.  There is another very similar, but not identical, sign on the equator on the road between Mbarara and Kasese


The Equator signs on both sides of the Masaka road. There was another identical pair between Mbarara and Kasese.  PHOTOs John McCrow

2003 on the Kampala Masaka Road. Flowers and a wall have replaced the banana shamba, but the pole carrying the electricity supply to Masaka from Jinja is still there. PHOTOs - David Baird (left)  Oliver Keeble (right) - 21 May 2003

Uganda Equator in 2005.  Testing for the Corliolis force (above left) at the equator in 2005.  In which direction did the water rotate as it drained away?  Souvenir shops (right) PHOTOs Richard Edwards


One of the characteristics of the Masaka/Kampala Road was the long straights across papyrus swamps. The swamps are actually very slow flowing rivers.  PHOTOs Malcolm McCrow (left) John McCrow (right)

The Standard Bank of South Africa with Nourdin's Bakery next door - PHOTO Malcolm McCrow  (left)  Now the Crane Bank (right) - PHOTO Oliver Keeble

 Following 'liberation' by the Tanzanians in 1979 (left and right) - PHOTOs Oliver Keeble

The dhukas viewed from Mbarara Road in Masaka (left) and one of the streets in the centre of Masaka (right) - PHOTOs Malcolm McCrow

Masaka PWD Yard.  While a sign-writer (left) works on a black Thames allocated to Masaka Township,  mechanics (right) work on a silver and jungle green Public Works Department Ford Thames.  PHOTOs Malcolm McCrow

 Bukoba (left), in Tanganyika (now Tanzania) was a popular Sunday safari from Masaka PHOTO - EAR&H Magazine
The Kayaka Ferry (above) on the Masaka/Bukoba Road where it crosses the Kagera River. In those days there was no manned frontier between Uganda and Tanganyika and a day trip to Bukoba was quite common. PHOTO Malcolm McCrow.  The Sports Club House (left).  The Club boasted a good sized swimming pool.  PHOTO Malcolm McCrow


Dinner at the Kiwala was not on par with Kampala's Imperial and Silver Springs hotels, but it afforded the only opportunity in the mid 1950s to eat out in Masaka. 2003 and the sad remains of the Kiwala Hotel which was situated outside Kampala on the road to Bukakata - PHOTOs Oliver Keeble