Scottsdale, Arizona and Montezuma Castle

Palm trees, cactus and Old Glory in First Street, Downtown Scottsdale.  The trolley (left) operates a free service around Scottsdale and Valley Metro operates bus services from Loloma Transit Station - PHOTOs Malcolm McCrow

Scottsdale is easy to get around on foot - PHOTOs Malcolm McCrow
Old Town detail  (left).  Monster pickup (right) - PHOTOs Malcolm McCrow

Scottsdale Waterfront (left) is the bank of the Canal.  Goldwater Bank (right) - PHOTOs Malcolm McCrow

View from a Valley Metro Pay-On-Entry local bus (left).  By British standards distances are vast.  Desert bus (right) stop between Phoenix and Scottsdale - PHOTOs Malcolm McCrow

En route to Sedona and Williams, a quick visit can be made to Montezuma Castle, a once imposing six story apartment-like building built in the 1100s and now badly deteriorated - PHOTOs Malcolm McCrow

Rail Tour to Sedona



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