Sedona, Arizona
Sedona straddles the county line between Coconino and Yavapai counties in the northern Verde Valley.

The city of Sedona is a favorite stop for many tour operators.  The old town is relatively small and easy to get around - PHOTOS Malcolm McCrow

Like many US towns, there are numerous statues scattered along the main street - PHOTOS Malcolm McCrow

Even at 4800 feet elevation, temperatures in September are often over 95o F (35o C) and misting cooling systems are used in several premises - PHOTOS Malcolm McCrow

The red rocks surrounding Sedona all have names - Snoopy is probably one of the best known and easily recognised - PHOTOS Malcolm McCrow

Pink Jeeps Tours operate a fleet of jeeps which take tourists for a dirt track ride into the spectacular scenery - PHOTOS Malcolm McCrow

The majestic red rock formations which surround Sedona - PHOTOS Malcolm McCrow

A helicopter tour is an equally spectacular way of seeing the Red Rocks - PHOTOS Malcolm McCrow

The helicopter flies through the scenery, unlike at Grand Canyon where, in order to comply with flying restrictions, the helicopter flies over the scenery - PHOTOS Malcolm McCrow

Returning to Sedona Airport (KSEZ) in the Bell Jet Ranger - PHOTOS Malcolm McCrow

National, State and city flags at Sedona Airport (left).  A roadrunner (right) merges into the background - also at the airport.  A whole day is needed in Sedona if you want to ride the jeeps and also make a helicopter flight - PHOTOS Malcolm McCrow

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