Aircraft in East Africa
Vickers VC10
Classic Entebbe after Independence when BOAC had introduced its VC10s to replace the ageing Britannias - to the best of my knowledge BOAC never operated Comet 4s on regular schedules through Entebbe - PHOTO Geoff Pollard
BOAC (British Overseas Airways Corporation) VC 10 about to enter and backtrack along Entebbe's Runway 12 - PHOTO Geoff Pollard
British United VC10 in revised livery takes off on Entebbe's Runway 12 - PHOTOs Geoff Pollard

de Havilland Comet 4

East African Airways Comet 4, 5Y-AAA in the re-branded East African livery, is cleared for takeoff from Entebbe - PHOTOs Geoff Pollard
Fokker F27 Friendship 200
F27 sequence, but perhaps arguably, it is the other aircraft that invoke the greater interest!  Top image appears to include a Swissair Convair 880 and an East African Douglas DC9;  in the middle photograph there is an East African Super VC10 and a British Caledonian (successor to BUA) VC10;  the photograph above shows the F27 climbing out on Nairobi's Runway 06 while baggage is loaded on to an Air India Boeing 707 - PHOTOs Geoff Pollard
An earlier shot with the F27 in its original livery.  Like the Comet 4 behind (the original VP-KPJ), the Friendship carries its Kenyan colonial registration VP-KSC.  Both aircraft are in their original liveries. The Friendship became Tanzanian registered 5H-AAI and the Comet became Ugandan registered 5X-AAO.  But again the interesting aircraft are the Canadair DC4M2 Argonaut and the Breguet 763 Deux Ponts (extreme left) - PHOTOs Geoff Pollard
Iringa Tanzania
Douglas C47B
VP-KJQ at Iringa, Tanganyika.  The airport was called Nduli - PHOTOs Geoff Pollard

Vickers Viscount 800

Of course this is NOT East Africa and this particular Viscount 800 probably never visited Entebbe or Nairobi as, to the best of my knowledge, all the BUA Viscounts operating to East and Central Africa carried additional fuel tanks outboard of the engines.  But it nevertheless is reminiscent of BUA's twice weekly service through Entebbe to Nairobi and/or the then Salisbury. PHOTO Geoff Pollard.  Clive Newland suggests it could well be that the aircraft is at Bathurst Airport (now Banjul), as there is PSP (pierced steel planking) on the parking area.  BUA operated Viscounts to West Africa in the mid 1960s.

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